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Provinces, bi-party axis will return to direct presidential elections: already six bills in the Senate

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The senators Fdi, Lega, Fi, as well as three dem. While bills were announced M5s and Italia viva. Commission work will begin towards the end of January

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After that, it was the minister who publicly announced the government’s intention to return to direct provincial elections. Robert Calderoli, parties also go to parliament. And almost everyone seems to agree with the desire to dismantle it for good. Delrio reform. In commission constitutional issues in fact, at least six bills came from the Senate for the direct election of metropolitan presidents and mayors, as well as members of provincial and metropolitan councils.

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Solution provided Brothers of ItalyPoint at delrio law revision, in order to overcome, the report says, “the prospect of the precariousness of the provincial government structure, in order to restore to these bodies a certain perspective as constituent institutions of the Republic, as provided for in Article 114 of the Constitution.” And offers came from almost all groups. In addition to the first two bills introduced by Senator D. FDI Marco Silvestroni and team leader League Massimiliano Romeo, it’s three o’clock. Pd signed respectively Bruno Astorre, Dario Parrini and Valeria Valente. These are personal proposals, they explain in the dem group, that “they range from the hypothesis of a radical return to the Delrio law to the hypothesis of finding a balance point by allowing mayors and presidents to appoint a four-member council.” “. In addition, also Come on Italy presented one of his bills as the first signature of the blue parent company, Licia Ronzulli. Although the bills were announced Italy live and from 5 star movement. Today is the deadline for indicating possible hearings, and Anchi and Upi should be among the possible hearings. The commission reported that work on the provincial bill would begin in two weeks.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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