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Fioroni: “I left the Democratic Party last Saturday, I noticed that I was an unwanted and marginal guest. Schlein means the left party.”

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“I officially left Pd last Saturday, not in the primariesWhy I know that I am an unwanted guest. I always said that I would leave when they kicked me out. Indeed, statements Ellie Schlein last Thursday when he accused Bonacchini “even” demonstrated with me, clearly showed the state of progressive marginalization and isolation of the popular and Catholic-Democratic space within the Democratic Party“. So to the broadcast microphones Italy woke up (Cusano Radio Campus), Joseph FioreniMargheria’s former manager, co-founder of the Democratic Party and former education minister of Prodi II’s government, explains the reasons for his farewell to dem.

“An unwanted and paying guest in the Democratic Party for many years – Fioroni vents – but I have always remained faithful to the duty of those who founded it. I have never asked for a place in the sun in recent years and I do not want to be an obstacle or a hindrance to what the new secretary of the Democratic Party wants to do, who he has a leftist party in his head. And I, on the other hand, founded a center-left party, which was a real novelty. They made a left-left party, which is a legitimate choice, but abstention demonstrates that it is necessary to change the policy, not the leader.”

Fioroni does not agree with Ellie Schlein’s position on basic income and about the weapons to be sent to Ukraine: “I have been following everything you have said closely, we have different ideas that would put us in different difficulties. I have now begun the process of training a network of popular and Christian democrats.. An area that brings together all those who come from a common tradition of popularism, he concludes, and who feel gradually marginalized or excluded from various political formations, both left and right. We want to root our values, our traditions, our culture in the territory, as well as pass it on to new generations. If they called me Italy alive and in action? We have committed ourselves to achieve this, we are not looking for a new card and do not want to create a new party, now we are thinking of ourselves.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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