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Fratoianni: Ellie Schlein’s victory in the primary is positive news. Now from the Democratic Party, I hope and expect a change of course on Ukraine.”

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“Ellie Schlein Secretary Pd? His victory is important political fact, even biopolitical. And this is positive news, which also helps to reconsider a political proposal that can answer the problems of the country. This result opens the way to building not so much and not only a policy of unions as a unified policy. a common platform capable of offering the country an alternative to the worst right that has ever existed“. So to the microphones radical radiodeputy Left Green Alliance, Nicola Fratoiannicomments on the victory Ellie Schlein in the primaries pd, adding: “Her election as secretary is a positive fact, also because Ellie Schlein wins on the platform, and before that, on the vocabulary that speaks to the culture and history of the left in this country. During the election campaign, someone asked me if I was worried about Left turn Conte. And I answered, as now, that anything that moves to the left and expands the total space on the left is fine“.

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About the position of the new Pd on weapons in UkraineFratoianni expresses his wish: “I hope and expect a change of course from the Democratic Party. But not so much because Ellie Schlein won, but because why after a year of war the only strategy was to send the weapons, showing all their ineffectiveness, given that not the slightest glimpse of peace had opened up. Perhaps, he concludes, the time has come to take a critical look at the choices made so far. I believe unacceptable the fact that next to military escalation and arms delivery strategyat least there has never been such a decisive diplomatic initiative.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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