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Istat, workers’ protest against top management. “President Blangiardo did not receive us and threatens with disciplinary sanctions”

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The new meeting, while the latest work on the data is in progress in connection with the publication of a press release in public accounts, was eagerly awaited because it will be the moment of truth regarding the impact of the assignment of loans. The last straw was a change in the rules of smart work: in the background, dissatisfaction with the backbone of the workforce and unpaid debt. While the government has lifted the ban on remuneration of pensioners from positions as high as Blangiardot, pending confirmation.

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Wednesday morning at 11 o’clock.Istat should issue a press release on public accounts 2022. This year is highly anticipated because it will be the moment of truth regarding the impact transfer of loans related to construction workduty states. However, during the last data processing hours, the climate at the statistical institute was definitely tense. On Monday, after a crowded rally, a group of workers served as president against leadership change flexible work: last straw in relations with unions, which were difficult after the controversial appointment of the president Gian Carlo Blangiardo (now awaiting confirmation) and worsened since the former Vice Prefect was called into Human Resources Marco La Commar. “Now I’m in the nameauthoritarianism and from unexpected measures against the personal,” the researcher attacks Lorenzo Cassatarsu for Flk Kgil. In the background are also fears about the prognosis outsourcing all the IT functions envisaged by the NRR and put on the launch pad by the Draghi government, which for the trade unions threatens the very independence of Istat.

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A new episode aired on Tuesday. “We called a meeting in General Directorate of National Accounts, on Via Depretis, where public finance works are closing today,” explains Cassata. “It was not authorized for” reasons safetydue to the lack of proper premises. The head of the personnel department asked us not to enter. Leaving by inviting colleagues to a meeting do not provide availability for night work To close the press release, we have discovered an unprecedented service order posted on doors forbidding entry, with a warning that this will be considered disciplinary offense“. Returning to headquarters in Via Cesare Balbo, where a meeting with Blangiardo was planned, “we were informed that the President met with three representatives in just a week“. That is, March 7, when, however, garrison scientific research bodies to the Ministry of Public Administration with a protest against the non-distribution among persons not under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, funds provided for advanced training of personnel.

Meanwhile, on the Istat website, among the highlighted press releases, a note titled “A stable solution for flexible work behind the protest of a part of the workers” was published. In which the institution approves “a decision to turn flexible work into a sustainable legal institution that provides for the possibility of using 10 days of smart work per monthinstead of 20 days every two months” – a decision taken unilaterally without consultation with the unions, notes the RSU, and after guaranteeing that the previous method will be extended for the whole year -, i contests for a permanent job and selective procedures for domestic advances. Cassata counters that “completed insolvency proceedings” are the 2018 contests banned by the previous summit. And, despite the new records, Istat employees does not reach 2000 units, against 2400 in 2016“.

Certainly, “behind the publication of this press release on the site, which has never happened before, is nervousness the president, whose expired e who works for himself confirmthis time with salary despite having already received pension”, – Cassata’s diagnosis. In fact, until December 31, 2026, a ban on “organs and institutions of a national character” to pay “the highest positions granted by the constitutional bodies, subject to the positive opinion of the competent parliamentary commissions” to the workers “in peace“. Special amendment to Thousand Extensions was withdrawn, but then the government fished out a sensational exception from the 2014 Madia decree, including it in the decree Poland published a few days ago in the Official Gazette. The change will affect 75-year-old Blanjardo, a retired professor of demography appointed to the top of Istat at Lega level during Conte’s 1 government. The centre-right majority intends to offer him confirm (since February 4 it is in prorogatio mode), however accompanied by congruo remuneration. Employees complain about non-payment debt contractual and additional salary, on which an agreement was reached last summer, as well as allowances for researchers and technologists, which are “the lowest in the industry, 18 euros per month.” It remains to be seen whether reaching out to colleagues at the Directorate General of National Accounts will delay the dissemination of these accounts.

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Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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