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The league attacks the head of Anac, who criticized the Procurement Code: “Preventive”. Then vice versa: “He corrected his words.”

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The league wants to hunt Joseph Busia leadership of the Anti-Corruption Department. His fault? By sharply criticizing the new procurement code launched by the government Georgia Meloni and declared Matthew Salvini, triggering an alert about the risks associated with the new rules. “Serious, unspeakable and ignorant statements by President Busia about the Salvini Code: if he says so about thousands of mayors and I think they all corrupt, can no longer remain in this role, ”attacks Stefano Locatelli, head of the local authorities of the League. “Busia has control tasks, instead confirms that he is biased, not neutral and therefore implausible“, continues the manager Carroccio, who is closely imitated by a number of big names on Via Bellerio. number one ofFight against corruptionprotected only Pdwas forced to intervene to correct the shot: “The mayors today they are heroesto perform an important function. And at that moment, a signal of peace also came from the Ministry of Infrastructure, headed by Salvini: “Great satisfaction and relief for the obvious course correction president,” sources at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology dictate.

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Lega to storm Anak – During the day, the Locatelli attack was renewed by various supporters of the Northern League. Gianluca Cantalamessa, senator and leader of the League group in the sectoral commission of the Palazzo Madama: “Those who a priori point the finger at Italian mayors cannot fulfill the role of Anac president – he attacks – Serious, unfounded and inaccurate statements by Giuseppe Busia, who accuses practically thousands of corruption first citizens. Unacceptable. He is a controller, not an accuser. Take a step back and apologize to our mayors, who can instead trust public works to transparency for the benefit of their communities. With Salvini’s code, the work is unleashed with faster procurement and more autonomy for local authorities, certainly not on random building sites for “personal relationships”. Deputy Infrastructure Minister Edoardo Rixi published a lengthy memo stating that “the attacks by President Busia and opponents of the new law are a response to the logic irresponsibility what are the risks delegitimize the precious work that public administrations do every day in managing public contracts.”

Repeal of the Procurement Code – But what did President Anaka say to provoke this frontal attack against him? “Simplification and speed are important values, but they cannot be at the expense of equally important principles such as transparencycontrol and freedom competition” he said, effectively cutting off Procurement Code written by the Council of State and amended by the government. ‘Under me 150,000 euros This is fine cousin or also who voted for me and this is a problem, especially in small towns,” the president repeated on Wednesday morning. Anakfocusing on assignments without tender which, having greatly expanded during the pandemic, are now structural. In addition to the possibility for contracting authorities to resort to negotiated procedure without tender after consultation with at least ten economic operators for works up to 5.3 million euros. As a result, 98% of vacancies are subtracted from the number of competitors. Basically “given free handthey say do not consult the market, choosethe business you want”, Busya emphasizes. In short, the practical meaning is that “the closest company will be taken, the one that I knowand not the one that works better, ”explained Zapping on Radio One. And then he repeated once again that he sees, first of all, “direct orders for 140 thousand euros, from the purchase of chairs to the painting of the school. They could be called closest people to the manager, mayor or councilor. And reduced transparency increases the risk of corruption,” he emphasizes, “especially now, when there are so many resources.”

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Busya replies: “Mayors are heroes” – lonely crossfire criticism, which caused Busia to react. “Corrupt administrators? No, absolutely not. Mayors, especially in smaller municipalities, are heroes today. They perform an important, very important function, receive very little and take on a lot of responsibility,” said the president of Anac. The air that blows on A7. “Towards the mayors Anak it only fuels the excitement,” he added, stressing that “controllability and transparency can be negotiated” and that bidding for contracts “doesn’t take much of the time by itself. If there is not even a warning, the best companies are fined”, namely, the “incompetent” companies are “detained”. “Towards the mayors,” Busia added, “Anak only feeds Delightand towards government officials. The vast majority are people who serve the institution and work to succeed. trust it Anac gives the mayors a full. Not only. Anac joins the administrations that enter into an MoU with us and we assist them by checking the documents before and during the tender in order to reduce litigation“. Regarding crime in procurement, Busia emphasized that “unfortunately, there are sectors where crime is present. You have to spend a lot of resources in a short time, the risks are high.” However, according to the president of Anac, “governance and transparency can be reconciled with execution speedthrough digital. Time is not lost. The race itself is not the main part of the time you spend. If there is not even a warning, the best companies will be fined. And if they choose incompetent companies, then they are the ones who cause delays.”

MIT: “Good Bushi Course Correction” – Thus, Busia has much more nuanced tones. And indeed ever since Ministry of Infrastructure they make it clear that they feel “great satisfaction and relief from what is obvious.” course correction President Anak, who called the mayors admirable heroes.” A dicastery led by Salvini reported that contacts between the ministries “have never been interrupted, even in the last hours. The minister does not shy away from constructive discussions for the good of the country and together with local administrators.” And a sharp reaction League? The same sources at MIT say “obviously they were for clarification.”

Defense of the Democratic Party, Costa wants to change Anak – The League’s attack provoked other political reactions as well. Henry Costa, MP for Action, not only joins the criticism of Busia, but also puts forward the hypothesis of anti-corruption reform. “Protests by the president of ANAC in the face of simplifications of the Procurement Code: he even hints that he is in favor of an exchange of votes in municipalities. Just the opposite is true. Less bureaucracy, fewer deals. Rather, the role of Anak needs to be reconsidered,” he tweeted. Instead dem protect busia Francesco Boccia: “We consider the attacks of the representatives of the League on the President very serious. National Anti-Corruption Body. Busia’s fault is only that he strongly condemns the critical problems of the new procurement code. Behind the demand for acceleration lies a decrease in the quality of work and an increasing danger of even more massive infiltrations of organized crime. The rightists know that Busi’s concerns are ours,” he says. new leader Pd in the Senate. The concept formulated Andrew Orlando, tweeted: “98% of public works based on the regulatory changes desired by the government, Anac estimates, will be carried out without a tender. A huge service to the mafia.” According to Chiara Braga, the new leader of the Democrat group in Montecitorio: “The League is launching an indiscriminate and unacceptable attack on President Anak to cover up what his government is canceling: competition, transparency and the quality of contracts. This Code has nothing to do with the right goals of speed and simplification. This is a common recipe for the right, intolerant of the rule of law and without any qualms to sacrifice dignity and job security for the sake of wild subcontracting.

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Who is the manager the league wants to oust – Busia is on topAnti-Corruption Department from September 2020. Appointed by the government Joseph Conte to replace Raffaele Cantone, president of Anac between 2014 and 2020. Busia’s mandate is also six years. In the past, the manager was the Secretary General of the Garant for Personal Data Protection for eight years. Prior to that, he served as General Secretary of the Office of Supervision of Government Contracts for Works, Services, and Supplies.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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