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Polls, Ixe: Brothers of Italy sink below 30%, Democratic Party gains another point – Graph

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Brothers of Italy it restores some consensus but is now confirmed below 30%she crossed the threshold thanks to the post-election boom. Democratic Party instead, it still benefits from the effect of the primaries and benefits from M5s. These are the results of the latest survey conducted Ixe, which depicts the intentions of Italians to vote as of March 30. If other polls confirmed the fall in FDI, but also recorded stop to the ascent of the party Ellie Schleinfor Ixe, the gap between the two opposition forces is even greater increased. In general, the trend related to the last month is also confirmed by the survey Supermedia Agi-Yutrendwho estimates FdI at 29.1% sees Pd reaching 20% ​​and M5s dropping to 15.6%.

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The consignment Georgia Meloni firmly ranked first among 28.9%, which is three tenths of a point higher last week than last week, but a far cry from the 31.1% Ixè recorded just over a month ago on February 21st. On that day, the Democratic Party was estimated at 16.9%, today with the secretary Ellie Schlein instead he stands on 21.1%, just under 8 points behind FdI and one point up from March 20. In the third position 5 star movementwhich loses one point compared to the last Ixè poll and with il 15.5% equals the results of the September policy.


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There League Confirmed fourth party from 8.1%. Force Italy grows by 0.6%, reaching 6.8%. The duet is separated by a tenth Action Italy Vivawhich, with a small decrease, stops at 6.7%. The alliance between also loses half a point Italian left and greenby 3.9%. More Europe reaches 1.9%. Also Italy in comparison it fell by 1.6%. We moderate confirm 1%.
Ickse National Policy Observatory also gives a picture weight of coalitions. One of governmenttogether with FdI, Lega, FI and Noi Moderati, stands on 44.8%. Pd, Avs and +Europe reach 26.9%. However, the undecided are still 44%. However, according to a Supermedia Agi-Youtrend poll, the center-right still 45.8%With League which drops to 8.6% e Come on Italy stable at 6.9%. centre-left it is estimated at 25.3%, and the so-called third pole – at 7.2%.


Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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