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Sicily has entrusted 3 million euros without a tender for the promotion of a regional tourism project. M5s: “It was a failure, now tax damage is possible”

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Almost three million euros for advertising If this Sicilya project that has benefited i tourists who wants to see Sicily. Money to advertise the project on Paradise, Mediaset AND paper printed entrusted, however, without tendering, without seeking market and no detailed planning. At least that’s whatsupervisory authority the Sicilian region to which I regional deputies M5 who submitted a request for access to documents. The result is that on partial control (€2,882,128) of the total advertising spending of €23 million, there are revise at least 25 percent forviolations» destination. Project advertising costs If this Sicily (the cost, however, is 25 million euros), or a number of benefits offered to tourists for visiting Sicily. A failurejudging by the figures given in the report provided by ai Five Stars regional authority.

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But it’s not like that and secondly Manlius MessinaMelonian, who during the reign Nello Musumechi headed the Department of Tourism, it was then that the resolutions were signed (in 2021): “In January 2023, compared to 2019, the year of the tourist boom in Sicily, we register 30 percent more entries. While Time of residence tourists decreased from 2.6 nights to 3.2”. This is a commentary by the former commissioner, and now a deputy, who, in a television speech on telecolor sharply attacked the regional deputies of the M5, according to Melonian, “incapable of light numbers. For this we stand sue them and some journalists,” Messina warned.

Sparks between Melonian and Five Stars after they introduced result request for access to documents. From the reportRegional audit in fact, it turned out that the regional government spent the figures in 2021 advertising offers for tourists.”irregular” by buying from Paradise AND Mediasetbut also from Cairo Rcs e Manzoni, advertising space “without prior publication of the bidding announcement”. All processed with direct assignments because they are considered to be the dominant operators in the market, despite the fact that the law stipulates that “estimates of at least 5 operators are consulted”. This is what follows from the access to the documents made by M5, which today were brutally attacked government regionalin particular the Department of Tourism, which for many years has been under the Brothers of Italy. That is why the Five Stars asked the president loudly today. Renato Schifani remove the Department of Tourism from FDI. Thus, a department that has returned to sensationalism after being in the spotlight in connection with this case just a few months ago Cannes. Indeed, at the beginning of the year, the spending of almost 4 million euros on participation in the Cannes Film Festival, again with the aim of popularizing Sicily, caused amazement. In this case, Shifani intervened immediately, removing the commissioner. Francis Scarpinato and cancel the announcement.

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However, Scarpinato was removed only to be moved to Cultural heritage while Tourism remained in the hands of the Melonians. During the reign of Musumechi, he was in the hands of Messinanowadays referred to among suitable candidates for the center-right at the helm Catania who will go to the polls next May. Tourism is now run by Melonian Elvira Darling. Political continuity, which therefore, despite rotationdid not interrupt. In a department that seems to have been very strategic in Sicily. This is definitely one department which in recent years has controlled most of financing Europeans. That, for example, to encourage television production to shoot in Sicily in just one year, it has more than tripled, from 3 million in 2021 to 10.7 million in 2022.

As for the promotion If this Sicilyas well as the assignment photoshoot and staging for Sicilian house in a large hotel in Cannes, were provided without prior invitation to bid. A transgression that Shifani finally put an end to by withdrawing the letter decides. Now the See Sicily project is in the dock. volume always contribute tourismin this case offering tourists vouchers for access to a number of concessions visit Sicily. A Night for freee.g. for three nights booked in a structure that has an agreement with Region. For this reason, the adviser al Tourism, then led by Messina, spent millions on TV and newspaper ads. As a result, according to the information provided by the Auditing Body of the city of Sicilian regionis definitely unsatisfactory. OUR Voucher there were 116,613 beds available, of which only 24,826 or 21.29% were used. The region has also provided vouchers for guides, companions and centers dive: 5647 were available for tourists, only 518 were given, only 9.48 percent. With vouchers purchased on tours operator: there were 56,850 in stock, given 14,289, or 25.13 percent. Flop Confirmation Numbers projectdespite the high costs of promoting See Sicily in the media: 1,031,998 euros went to Paradise Com spa (advertising concessionaire company Rai) and 1,207,800 a publicity ’80 Spa (concessionaire of Mediaset). While for printed paper it went to Mediamond Spa 305,000 and Cairo Rcs Media Spa 175,680. While 161,650 euros went to Manzoniwhich collects advertising on behalf of the Gedi Group (Republic, Press and others).

Figures that were partly unequally distributed according toAudit body which “detects the absence of a sufficient level designbecause, among other things, “subsequent requests directed Paradise Com spa and Publitalia ’80 spa” absence directions essentialsuch as “time of TV broadcasts of material, typology TV show suitable for this purpose – reads the report – time intervals are considered the most suitable for i Stepseconomic analysis of individual requests, overall budget references, technical conditions of the tender”. Series flaws however, according to the report, “it follows a general uncertainty content of requests for proposals to two operators consultedthereby not providing criterial administrative activities cheapnessefficiency, impartialityadvertising and transparencyas well as being incompatible with the principles of the Community legal system”.

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Operation 2020, “which was supposed to bring new masses tourists in Sicily and oxygen for island tourism weakened by Covid, said M5s regional deputy and president of the EU commission Ars. Louis sunseri – but which turned out to be one of the biggest failures Musumechi government, and risks becoming the successor also to the Scythani government, characterized, among other things, by numerous violations which could cause damage to the treasury, for which we will file a complaint in Court belonging Accounts“. This morning, Thursday, March 30, Sanseri, together with the leader of the group Cinque stelle Antonio De Lukeand vice president of Ars Nuccio from Paola (again M5s) illustrated for the press the results of the “Audit activity, during which the Part project implemented by the appraiser Tourism and for which the Community Spending Authority has made very strong findings that have resulted in a 25% reduction in the profile relating to 2021/2022 but also to the previous one. Reductions of 680 thousand euros and 735 thousand euros respectively, money already spent, to be configured as off-balance sheet debt if you can’t find another financial security”.

Source: II Fatto Quotidiano

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