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Love, Death & Robots 4: when will it be released and what will the new episodes be about?

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Shortly after the third season aired on Netflix, Love, Death and Robots One of the most beloved animated anthology series on the small screen, the fourth season has been announced, which has topped the wave. Here’s everything we know about the new episodes, from the release date to the scripts.

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It would not be an exaggeration to say series created by genius minds. Tim Miller (deadpool) And David Fincher (Fight Club) is one of the most interesting and potentially revolutionary experiments in the series. Not just experimenting from the point of view anthological, increasingly growing on the small screen, but above all cinematic and non-cinematic animation, able to give stories from the other world without ever getting bored. Season three has brought ratings back to debut and now we can’t wait to get confirmation from Miller and Fincher. which stories are they planning to invest inbetween old and new.

Just two weeks before Netflix gave the green light for a renewal of Love Death & Robots 4, the creators have often reiterated their intentions, although the scripts have not been revealed. keep up the luckiest animation stories and styles. Create season after season sequel: if the artist Zima Blue actually, he created a new story for the second season, we saw the second anime version of a new Death Squad in the third season. But above all for a real sequel Three Robots.

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If these stories went their way, Miller and Fincher expressed their intention to create. new sequels starting with the luckiest episodes of the second seasons – jibaro It could definitely be an excellent starting point, even if it’s just in terms of animation style, but it could also be a new chapter directed by David Fincher. bad trip – beside new, lots of offers They choose these weeks after the renewal. As for the release date, a lot will depend on the number of episodes.

The first season had 18, but the second and third were about halfway (8 and 9 episodes respectively), which may have become a recurring format. The first in March 2019, the second in May 2021requesting a longer window to decide on the renewal, the third arrived in May 2022, just one year later compared to the previous one. So the most likely hypothesis would be to see the fourth already ready. same window of 2023. We can’t wait, how about you? In the meantime, you can find our Love Death & Robots 3 review here.

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