In mid-September, Rene Straus proposed to his beloved for the third time at the Miss Universe Slovakia gala. And then came the third wedding! The famous couple is definitely not a slob, so this time it was worth it. They directly connected the wedding with the christening of their son Dion, and the celebration was truly grandiose.

After an office wedding and a stylish ceremony in Vegas, the controversial couple also decided to get married in a romantic church. “Beautiful church… We’ll be here tomorrow” a flustered René hinted on his Instagram the day before.

Fil preparations

But everything was planned rather hastily, so he still made up the necessary preparations at the last minute. Just a few hours before the wedding, the groom picked up an elegant red box with new Cartier rings and, together with friends, rushed with the treasure in order to be in time. “Now we look like we stole something there” he laughed and documented everything as it should.

Whatever the devil wanted, his big day was hampered by several inconveniences. He couldn’t find where he parked his car and it had an empty tank!

In the meantime, the bride frolicked at home in a wedding trouser set with a cap, sneakers, a long veil and a wedding bouquet in front of a mirror, filming everything on a mobile phone for her fans.

My own and before God

Despite all the obstacles, in the end everything turned out well and the couple said their “yes” to each other according to Christian traditions. “Well, we are our own even before God,” they rejoiced after the ceremony.

“Everyone, we are alone again. This time under oath in the church. This is a complete difference from when we took matrices.
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It was very touching when the lady began to sing, we put on rings and vows and so on, until my tears came out. So now we’re off to have some fun, we’re going to celebrate and show you some pictures and videos later.” Strauss promised, thanking him for all the congratulations.

They baptized Dion.

They immediately baptized their son Dion in the church. “We did a great job, even little Dion” the priest filly praised the baby.

A stylish celebration followed. The banquet hall was littered with blue and white balloons, plush toys and floral decorations, and selected treats were offered to guests. There was also a sweet temptation: the dessert bar was great with pasta, pinwheels, Indians, muffins and other delicacies.

“Yes” they said to each other for the third time

Straus and Plachkova for the first time they already took office in October 2015. Then the famous girlfriend was still blonde … Instead of the traditiol white dress, she wore a giant pink dress with a flounced skirt studded with Swarovski crystals. Instead of evening gowns, the bridesmaids arrived in tight white tank tops, short hot pink tulle skirts, and stilettos so high they almost required a belt of armor.

They got married for the second time in 2019 in a more intimate setting, albeit for Zuza in the same dress. They flew to Nevada’s capital, Las Vegas, and married an Elvis Presley doppelgänger.. Celebrations then took place differently than in the casino!