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Everything, Everywhere, at the Same Time A life in seconds in our special clip!

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It is said that many people on the brink of death have seen their entire lives unfold before their eyes: but sometimes it is enough to encounter an alternate version of a loved one in an elevator shaft to achieve this effect. … as it happens to the hero Everything Everywhere at the Same Time!

Described by Daniel Radcliffe as one of the best made in recent years, Daniels movie is shown as we wait for its imminent release in our cinemas, thanks to a new clip that we have shown you specially and where we see exactly the hero played by the protagonist.
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Michelle Yeoh Interact with her husband played by Ke Huy Quan.

But it turns out that the husband in question is not exactly what our (still oblivious to) hero remembers: here we prefer not to spoil you, but instead give you the opportunity to enjoy an incredible reel in the company of the Yeoh character. summaries in seconds all the most important events of your life… Identifying the key steps that can lead to important turning points!

However, we recommend that you skip the room to find out more. next 6 october: We’re sure you won’t regret it! In the meantime, find our review of Everything Everywhere at Once.

Source: Every Eye

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