Demmy Moor (60) and Daniel Hamm (46) were first spotted together in March 2022 at Paris Fashion Week. It didn’t take long for the actress to admit that she and the Michelin-starred chef really are a couple.

During the summer it seemed that their relationship was gaining momentum. Their magnetism was undeniable and they spent an incredible amount of time traveling together. More recently, a source close to Demi Moore admitted to US Weekly that the two partners are very passiotely drawn to each other. However, a few weeks later, the same man changed his mind.

“Now they go at their own pace, with no strings attached.”

Shortly before the sixties, the pace of relations came to ught. The couple broke up under unclear circumstances. However, the star of the classic film “Ghost” still looked like it didn’t bother her that much on her birthday.

Who knows. Maybe she was just planning to live out the next decade of her life with a new man.