It immediately became clear to Mrs. Malinovskaya that there would be a problem. “They did not remove enough soil, which caused the road to increase by about 30 centimeters. When I called the office, specifically Mr. Jandura from MU, to stop the work and resolve the issue before the asphalt was laid, he told me not to get hysterical and wait for the fil adjustment of the road.” Mrs. Malinowska describes.

Exactly what she feared happened, so she immediately contacted the mayor. “They came to see and told me that it was too late to decide anything. I was offered to bring recyclables in front of the entrance to level the stairs, but I did not agree to this. Well, then a proposal was made to lay paving stones with the idea of ​​​​reaching it to our yard in order to reduce the canopy. he remembers the negotiations.

She accepted the layout as needed. “The work was carried out without written approval and without a fil transfer from the city. No one contacted me to find out if everything was in order and if the condition was satisfactory. The situation for us has not changed at all. On the contrary, it’s even worse.” says Malinovskaya, saying that her mother has a particular problem with paving stones and steep paving angles.

“She can’t get out of the yard to the entrance and I’m afraid that there will be black ice. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t drive the car into the garage, but I’m not going to put up with the fact that my mother sits in her own house. Mrs. Willow is angry.

The family also has to deal with many other problems due to incorrect entries. For example, stocking up on coal for the winter, enterprises refuse to drive it through the steep entrance to the cellar. “I contacted Mayor Dobrovitz again, but he replied that I should be grateful that the city allowed me to build at my own expense. I hope to find help from Ombudsman Blesk, as do many other readers of your diary.” Iva Malinowska added.

Mayor Defends: They Got What They Wanted

What is the current status of negotiations? And will there be an adjustment by the Ministry of Interl Affairs? These are the questions that Shine sent to Mayor Dobrovitz. (abbreviated – ed. note). “Based on the complaint, we proposed a solution on the spot – the construction of a new entrance to the land of Mrs. Malinovskaya, including the construction of new gate posts and entrance gates at our expense, and this decision was made by the Malinovsky Family … The land of Mrs. Malinovskaya is very sloping, therefore it was not possible to build a horizontal surface on it, with which the Malinovsky family agreed. The construction was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Malinowski family, as well as the materials used. by Tomasz Sedlacek.

Commissioner for Human Rights in Blescu: the problem can be solved by the Road Administration

Lightning Ombudsman JUDr. Yaroslava Shafrankova recommends that Ms. Malinovskaya contact the appropriate road authority, i.e. municipal authority of the municipality with extended powers, where it must check whether a building permit has been issued for the purpose of repairing the pavement of the local road. and if so, under what conditions.

“According to the Law on Roads and the decree that implements this law, the road is subject to an adjustment in which the level changes by more than 3 cm, such as a building permit,” explains Shafrankova and immediately continues:

“This is exactly the case. Assuming that a building permit was not issued at all, or that the road surface was repaired in violation of it, the road administration will initiate a case, which may also result in an order to remove the newly completed ippropriate road surface.”

See official boards

What should Blesk readers be aware of if the municipality/city reconstructs the road in front of their house? “If road works have already started, in some cases it may be too late. Therefore, I recommend that all readers regularly follow the official board of the municipality, where they should learn about such a construction plan in time and, if necessary, take measures against it provided for by the Building Law. emphasized by JUDr. Yaroslav Shafrankov.