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There’s been a lot of talk about the Disney crisis, but they just announced what might be one of the best movies they’ve come up with in recent years.

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Bob Iger, one of the most important Hollywood executives of recent years, returns to Disney instead of Bob Chapek. Iger was responsible for the negotiations regarding the acquisition of Pixar, Marvel and LucasFilm, and later also took over 21st Century Fox. He returned after the Disney+ launch was announced to mean what it was. $8,000 million lost and their titles depreciated by 41% in 2022. There is a crisis in the company, but this has not affected its publications or the abilities of its continued creators. Actually, They recently presented what may be one of the greatest works of the year..

First preview last week Primary educationThe new Disney and Pixar movie that will be released during summer 2023. tape takes us there City StaffA place where the inhabitants of Fire, Water, Earth and Air live together. This is where Candela, a tough and passionate young woman made of fire lives, meets Nilo, a funny boy who lets himself go like the water that makes up her body. The two of them will defy the rules of the worlds they came from.

easy to relate Primary education with inside out. They are two films that take concepts without human or animal form and transform them into an imaginary world with its rules, inventions and quirks. We don’t know much about it right now Primary education Beyond the synopsis and trailer, but it looks like it has the ingredients to make it one of the company’s biggest achievements in 2023 and a hit movie if all goes as planned.

The latest releases from Disney and Pixar have kept this genre, but they haven’t stood out much if we talk about social impact. light year‘byproduct’ Toy Storyreceived a decent B compared to other animated films, but ranks below almost all of the studio’s films. It was previously published Network, is a great story about female adolescence that was well received by the press and the public, but did not become an essential part of the company. And in that league where I can play Primary education.

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Primary education Presented as something fresh and unique. That minute and a half of the movie’s teaser shows that they worked very carefully on every detail of Element City. There are a dozen characters whose existence only lasts a second, but enough to grab our attention. At the center of the action is the hero, whom we do not recognize until he collides with an element contrary to him. Sparks fly when you touch the water. The trailer says nothing and at the same time feels like giving us a ton of information about what they’re up to.

The film is directed by Peter Sohn, the director of the short film. Partly cloudy and Arlo’s Journey. Sohn has worked at Pixar and nearly all of the company’s projects since 1995. Reactions to his first feature film may be lukewarm, but he has enough experience to make a great movie. Especially considering that there is Denise Ream as producer and Pete Docter as director. inside out and one of the brightest minds in the studio.

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