The series is dedicated to the separation of the future royal couple in the early 1990s. This shows how Dia with Charles they agreed to a divorce in December 1992 and how the prince (Dominic West) was moving out from his wife (Elizabeth Debicki) from Kensington Palace in central London.

In fact, it was written on December 9, and the then Czech Press Service (CTK) reported it under the heading: “Prince Charles and Princess Dia have decided to live separately.”

christmas guest

Twelve days later, something unexpected happened. Charles, who had just left his wife, at the time the most photographed woman in the world, showed up in Prague before Christmas. It was not a state visit, but a private one and was kept secret until the last moment. While Dia was in London planning to impress her husband with a book and then an interview for the BBC, Charles flew in to see Václav Havel. ( 75). This was his first trip abroad after the announcement of the breakup with Dia.

Photography prohibited

The CTC released the report on December 21, 1992 at 12:53 pm. “The heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, will arrive in Prague this afternoon around 3:00 p.m. for a private visit, a spokesman for the British Embassy in Prague confirmed to the CTC today.”

At 4:26 p.m., the agency had already reported that Charles’ plane had landed. “Immediately after arriving at Ruzyne Airport, he went to Prague Castle. The arrival of the heir to the British throne was accompanied by strict security measures at the Prague airport, and the British side did not even want to photograph him.” written in the archive report.

Film about monuments

According to Elishka Fučíková, director of the Prague Castle Monuments Department at the time, Prince Charles was involved in the preparation of a documentary film about Prague’s monuments, which was filmed here by British television BBC.

He has been to Prague five times

In total, Charles was in Prague five times. After his accession to the throne, President Milos Zeman (75) invited him to visit the Czech Republic in a congratulatory letter.

They created a fund

Before Christmas 1992, Carl discussed with then-President Václav Havel the creation of a foundation to protect Prague’s monuments and its architectural works, the Prague Heritage Foundation. The idea of ​​creating the fund arose during the prince’s previous visit to Czechoslovakia in May 1991, when he was still accompanied by his wife Dia.