The very young model looks like a saint with her innocent holy face, but it’s probably the other way around. The Brazilian beauty has been modeling for many years and during this time has attracted the attention of many men. And this time, rapper Kanye West caught her tentacles..

Ever since he ended his long relationship with fashion icon Kim Kardashian., many beautiful women appeared in turn next to the rapper. Whether it’s models Iri Shaikova (36) and Candice Sveinpoelova (33) or actress Yulia Foksova (32).

The new partner doesn’t seem to mind Kanye’s recent anti-Semitic and hate speech on the fringe of the law and just thrives next to the rapper.

Judging by her Instagram, the most popular part of her wardrobe is probably crop tops – T-shirts that end just below the chest. However, it seems that this time the model accidentally chose the children’s size. Her favorite crop top ended exactly in the middle of her chest. And the cameras of the paparazzi could only joyfully flicker from this.