According to the TSK website, the Dejvitsky and Bubenechsky tunnels were closed in both directions around 05:30.. towards the Barrandovsky bridge resumption of traffic around 07:30, in the direction of Troy until 08:15This was reported to CTK by TSK press secretary Barbora Lishkova.

Columns appeared for tens of minutes during the closing of the tunnels according to the ŘSD website on Strakonicka, Powltavska or Liberecka streets.. There was also very heavy traffic at the Southern Intersection. on the Barrandovsky bridge and on the streetswhich replicate the route of the tunnels on the surface.

Baster in the Strahov Tunnel

Bubenechsky and Dejvitsky were not the only tunnels that had complications on Tuesday morning. Problems also affected the Strahov tunnel, which had to be closed for a short time. “Four accidents in the Strahov tunnel in the direction of Smichov, they impede morning traffic. The tunnel is closed for this reason as well as the investigation and elimition of accidents that were avoided without casualties,” the police said in a Twitter account.