Pop Princess Britney Spears until recently, she could not have any private social networks. In the past, she was deprived of autonomy and her father became her guardian, with whom she never had a good relationship.

She could not freely mage her money, sign contracts, get married or refuse birth control pills when she wanted to become pregnt. Filly, after years of her suffering, the court invalidated the measure as unreasoble, and Britney was thus able to fully enjoy the beauty of social media. who weren’t even born during her forced custody!

Apparently, she likes Instagram the most, in which she posts photos from her life, which can sometimes be very racy. After all, if a person already has freedom, why not enjoy it to the fullest?

Few people know that a talented singer has always been a talented choreographer. She herself planned all the dance elements in her performances, and it was the dance performances on tour that made her famous during her greatest rise.

She has posted a video online of her working out her latest dance creation, and it is clear that this mother of two children not only raises children, but also enjoys it immensely.