The Principality of Moco celebrated a public holiday for the first time in a long time without any security measures due to the corovirus pandemic, which lasted almost two years. The situation in Moco last year was marked by fears for the health of Princess Charlene, who spent half a year in South Africa. There, she became “trapped” with a severe upper respiratory infection. And when she returned to Moco, the lingering effects of her illness kept her out of public life for some time.

All is well now, however, and the Duchess of Moco took to social media to show off a new photo of her adorable seven-year-old twins as she attended the tiol holiday, which this year fell on Saturday 19 November. . In the photo, Princess Gabriela is dressed in a red coat, with a black hat on her head, and little Prince Jacques, the future heir to the throne, poses in the costume of a statesman, in which, according to fans, he looks like a copy of his royal father.

During the holiday, which is desigted as St. Rainier’s Day on the calendar, a number of events awaited the royal family of Moco – a mass in the Moco Cathedral of St. Nicholas and a performance by the family of Prince Albert II. in the palace, where they were met by the Carabinieri of Moco, the local guard and the only component of the territorial defense. The celebration of public holidays ended with a gala dinner at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo, considered the most glamorous area of ​​the Principality.

On the frames in which the whole family is waving from the balcony, it was impossible not to notice the sad smile of Princess Charlene … Many people assume that the alleged crisis between the couple is still ongoing. Albert II for he is one of those men who never resisted the favors of beautiful women (he even has two illegitimate children), and last year, when Charlene moaned, he calmly went to the Red Cross ball with his former lover, with whom he has one illegitimate son. And this allegedly did not add much to the health of his wife …