Porzhizhkova, a tive of Prosteev she often exposes her body, but this time in the book she revealed rather hidden corners of her soul and her heart. When she left the Republic at a young age to take on the world, she was shocked at how much hustle and bustle there was in the fashion business. Men molested her every day, tried to touch her.

“I remember the photographer I first worked with after coming to Paris when I was fifteen. I was sitting in front of the mirror, he came up, unbuttoned his pants and put his cock on my shoulder. The people in the room were watching but doing nothing, just giggling as if it was something normal and fun. That was the first time I saw male genitalia.” she said in an interview for the book for Page Six magazine.

Years without sex

Obviously, Pavli devotes most of her memories to her husband, Ric Ocasek. ( 75). After the death of the musician, she went through hell also because he practically disinherited her. But the love between them faded long before 2018, when they broke up. “We didn’t sleep together years ago. The love and communication between us has always been very physical. But one day he just stopped touching me.” remembered the mother-of-two from actress Jada Pinkett’s podcast when she came to introduce her book to fans.