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Suddenly Christmas: Prime Video trailer and history with Diego Abatantuono

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It’s Not Just Your Christmas or Mine on Prime Video: Actually just moments ago, the on-demand streaming platform announced the trailer and release date for it. Suddenly Christmasnew special Christmas comedy starring Diego Abatantuono.

movie, which It will be available from December 1stIt tells the story of 8-year-old Chiara, who looks forward to Christmas every year, seeing her beloved grandfather, Lorenzo (Diego Abatantuono), the owner of the house, as illustrated by the promotional film you will find in the article. delightful high mountain hotel that hosts family celebrations. This year, however, Chiara’s parents, Alberta and Giacomo, decided to hop in the car in the hot August sun and pay Lorenzo an off-season visit, because they needed him to give Chiara the sad news: they’re leaving. Maybe if he had told her, the little girl would have suffered less. Lorenzo is already in crisis because the risk of having to sell his beloved hotelungratefully accepts her duty to notify her niece, but first she wants to give him one last Merry Christmas… on August 15th!

in the cast Suddenly ChristmasAlongside Diego Abatantuono, Violante Placido, Lodo Guenzi, Anna Galiena, Antonio Catania, Michele Foresta (aka Mago Forest), Nino Frassica and Gloria Guida returns to the screen after years, surrounded by the very young heroine Sara Ciocca. The film is directed by Francesco Patierno and produced by Notorious Pictures.

On the other hand, we remind you that Diego Abatantuono is in Sky with his new movie Il mammone, which is a remake of the famous comedy. Tanguy.

Source: Every Eye

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