Home Entertainment “We were on a black abyss 10 meters underwater and with prehistoric creatures”: “Avatar” was innovative but nothing compared to “Sense of water”

“We were on a black abyss 10 meters underwater and with prehistoric creatures”: “Avatar” was innovative but nothing compared to “Sense of water”


It’s been almost 15 years since we got to know the world of Pandora and James Cameron revolutionized cinema with 3D. Interestingly, the situation is now practically the same. Result, Avatar: Sense of WaterHollywood’s great bet on saving movie theaters, and Cameron continues to innovate to add value to his adventure. The latest trailer released confirms that we are facing the big production of the year and if all goes as planned, It will be one of the biggest blockbusters of recent years..

There is a lot of labor and investment behind the production. Many years of shaping the story and a great organization rarely seen before. The team developed four sequels simultaneously. avatar we have managed to come out of the original and the process unscathed. Series producer Jon Landau knows this all too well, who is behind the magic needed to produce a production of this magnitude.

The biggest challenge in developing multiple sequels was the scripts. We spent time developing all four screenplays and getting them to a place that James Cameron would be happy to direct.

“So the cast was able to know what their character’s curve was through the four movies. Then, when it came time to go into production, there was more time, so it required more durability, but the logistics was simpler in a way.“, says Landau in an interview SensaCinema.

“We were 10 meters underwater on a black cliff and with prehistoric creatures”

Landau talks a lot about the script, but if there’s one thing that stands out in the script Avatar: Sense of Water are technical specifications. Shooting the sequel has very little to do with shooting a regular movie. There were things that the actors had to do in order to take part in the story. hard diving training and breathing techniques.

We hired a gentleman named Kirk Krack to work with each of the cast. Above all, we wanted them to be safe when they went out into the water. And that they felt safe. Second, we wanted them to be able to perform emotionally and engagingly while underwater.

“Other films shoot dry and then pretend to be in water. We swept away our plasters in the water, in the current.mechanically, but simulate the creature they have to ride so they can show the joy or fear of something approaching in their face,” the producer enthusiastically explains.

All of the team’s efforts were directed to ensure that technology and interpretation go hand in hand without overlapping. This is something that is already sought after in the original film, which succeeded in establishing techniques such as motion capture or stereoscopic cinematography, and wreaked havoc with the story of its na’vi.

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Pandora: the magnified real world

Yes avatar It was because of Pandora’s complexity that she managed to impress the audience so much. The land that hosts the Na’vi is a rich planet filled with fauna and flora that make you want to travel. Inspiration doesn’t come from far away. It was our own planet that inspired all living beings in James Cameron’s fictional world.

Inside Avatar: Sense of Water the universe is expanding and introducing us to the universe. Metkainaare a clan that lives on Pandora’s reefs and rides the ilusa, impressive sea creatures. Again, all based on real-life animals. “One of the things we try to do avatar how to franchise Get inspired by what mother nature has created here on Earth, but take it out of context“, reassures the producer, “If we find a very colorful and exotic Amazonian frog, we take it and turn it into a huge creature. If you look at our oceans, there are some incredible creatures that may seem otherworldly.”

This search for inspiration in nature led them to have incredible experiences. “After our casts were ready for scuba diving, we took them to Hawaii and went night diving with manta rays. We were on a black abyss, 10 meters under the water, and there, in the darkness, giant prehistoric-looking creatures appeared and we could touch them because they were floating above us.“. A scene that looks like it was taken from a movie screen.

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