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1899, the new Netflix series from the creators of Dark is accused of plagiarism!

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1899 was recently released on Netflix, but apparently for the show created by its creators. dark Things don’t seem to be going well. Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese were actually accused of plagiarism by Mary Cagnin, author of the Black Silence comic published in 2016.

The woman announced through her social channels that she is fin between her work with the series produced by red giant streaming. too many similarities: “I was shocked the day I found out that 1899 is the SAME as the 2016 comic Black Silence.”

These words made a mess a little fuss and the author later added: “It’s all here: the black pyramid. The deaths inside the boat. The international crew. The seemingly strange and inexplicable phenomena. The symbols in the eyes and the way they appear. Written codes. Calling voices Fine details of the plot. Like the personal dramas of the characters, including their mysterious deaths.”

Many users have Questioned Netflix instead, others who swear they’ve read Mary Cagnin’s comic confirm that in reality the parallels between 1899 and the Black Silence are rather limited.

While we wait to find out if this media dispute continues further, take a look at our 1899 review and give us your perspective on this new TV series in the appropriate section devoted to comments.

Source: Every Eye

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