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Disney’s Jimmy Kimmel on Bob Iger’s Return: ‘Like Classic Coca-Cola’

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You always come back to where you had a good time: disney Bob Iger’s return seems to have learned its lesson, as it represents for the company a return to the stage that has been perhaps the main architect of the House of Mouse’s incredible growth over the past 20 years. Jimmy Kimmel has found the perfect comparison in this sense.

When commenting on Bob Iger’s return as Disney’s CEO, the well-known presenter actually compared the company’s choice to Disney’s. Coke reverting to using the classic formula of the famous drink after trying some changes without success.

Like what happened to Coca-Cola when they tried to change the formula. I think we are now Back to Bob Classic” After the words, Kimmel continued his words as follows: “Basically, Disney’s former CEO was a man named Bob Iger. Old Bob. Two years ago, Old Bob decided to retire, so they considered replacing him with another Bob, Bob Chapek. But last night, suddenly, the board made a decision. Fire up the new Bob and to get Old Bob back. So now New Bob, Old Bob and Old Bob, New Bob“.

Let’s see this Iger-bis It will bring Disney results comparable to the incredible results from the early 2000s to date: meanwhile, the market has already welcomed the homecoming of Bob Iger.

Source: Every Eye

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