When asked by Blesk tv MAGAZÍN why he actually accepted the role in the Czech film, he replied: “I like Christmas, old Czech films and Prague.”

Before our capital, of course, in the first place is Paris, followed by St. Petersburg in Russia.

French comedies are very popular in our country, and films starring Pierre Richard are among the most successful.. Almost everyone has seen the comedy Big Blonde in a Black Boot. This year marks the 50th anniversary of its launch! And not only men were shocked by the beautiful dress of the beauty Mireya Dartsova (79) with an incredible neckline to a charming ass.

A similar shock during the filming was experienced by Pierre Richard, who played the main role of the Big Blonde. “Director Yves Robert hid Mireille from me! I’m probably the only actor who came to the set and didn’t know his partner.” Richard laughs at the memory.

Robert said he wanted to film Pierre’s tural reaction when he first saw the seductive actress. “He shouted: Camera! Action! The door opened and Mirei appeared. She was beautiful! And then when she turned around and I saw that bare back, I was speechless.” says Pierre Richard, explaining that this kind of stunned reaction was exactly what the director needed.


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