The man worked in parallel at the Motol General Hospital for about three years as a nurse, for more than two years as a paramedic in the Medical Rescue Service of the Samaritan Association of the Czech Republic in Kralupy and for about eight months in Davepo Medevac.

Upon admission, he presented a confirmation of higher education in Germany and a high school diploma from a medical school in Ostrava, according to which he received a diploma in practical nursing. but it turned out that it was probably a fake. David Veseli, director of DavepoMedevac, found out about this. The document that the man showed him this spring, when he got into the ambulance, the director sent to the school where the man was supposed to study.

“They replied that there were discrepancies in the school leaving certificate. They had eight comments on it. At the same time, they stated that although he studied at school, he probably studied another area.”, he told the Vesela newspaper. The actual field he graduated from is supposed to be a dental technician. The fake paramedic at DavepoMedevac worked by agreement once or twice a month, traveling as a paramedic to help at various events.

Vesely then contacted FN Motol and the rescuers in Kralupy and told them about the problem. Everyone termited their employment relationship with him, both ambulances filed an application to initiate a crimil case, and Motol also intends to file. “The employee worked for us as a practical nurse under the professiol guidance of a general nurse and provided nursing care. There was no harm to patients, and we did not even record a complaint filed during his work.”, – wrote the press secretary of Motola Dankova to Denik.

“We are only now checking whether he had or did not have a recognized education in Germany. I still have no news whether this is a German education that would correspond to the profession of a rescuer, really or not,” said FN Motol director Miloslav Ludwik.

According to the director of the ambulance station in Kralupy, Tomasz Mucha, fortutely, the man worked as he should, there were no problems with him. “That strikes me as incredible, outrageous arrogance. This person should think about the possible consequences of their actions. He deceived the entire ambulance, all his colleagues who trusted him.”, he ruled. According to him, the man confessed to fraud.