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Al Gough on Christina Ricci’s comeback: ‘We weren’t sure we could’


Launches today on Netflix WednesdayTim Burton’s series based on the famous Addams family character played by Jenna Ortega. Project leads series creators Al Gough and Miles Millar, and they tackle the character on a young Wednesday at Nevermore Academy.

Eight episodes starring Christina Ricci, the character’s historical commentator and director in 90s cinematic episodes directed by Barry Sonnenfeld Tim Burton collaborator In Sleepy Hollow. An important asset on set, as the main character reveals: Jenna Ortega talked about the embarrassment of playing Christina Ricci.

Al Gough told TVLine Challenges of including Ricci in the cast:“We weren’t sure we could do it because Christina was filming Yellowjackets and she was pregnant. We had to reschedule because she really wanted to do it. She worked with Tim at Sleepy Hollow, she loved Wednesday and she loved the idea.” It was really important for us to honor the legacy of those who came before.”.

About the new translator, Jenna Ortega, Gough emphasized:“He felt like an old soul on Wednesday. His approach was really clear, he worked on his posture, his unblinking and how he delivered lines. He’s 95% of the show.”.

Starting today on Netflix, the series also stars Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia and Luis Guzmán as Gomez. Read our review from Wednesday to find out more.

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