Duchess Sarah, aka Fergie (63), was married to the Queen’s son Andrew from 1986 to 1996. (62) from York, and according to the indictment he was one of Epstein’s close clients. and enjoy orgies. But according to American businessman John Bryan, who was again the lover of Andrew’s wife in the 1990s and also worked with many of Esptein’s clients, the fincier’s plan was much more sophisticated.

“I think he wanted to blackmail the queen through Andrew” he told the British newspaper Dail Mail. “In fact, he was not a tax wizard, but a simple swindler. He conversed with powerful men, whom he offered sex with young girls, and then blackmailed them into paying him for silence.”, explains the businessman.

Undoubtedly, Brian is trying to imply that Andrew, although he is stripped of all royal duties, patroge and military ranks and de facto cut off from the ranks of the British royal family, is innocent due to judicial troubles. “If he really was involved in everything, as they say everywhere, then undoubtedly Epstein would use him to try to blackmail the queen and raise millions. Andrew never had money, Elizabeth had it.…”

Brian even claims that archer Andrew never had a penchant for teege girls. “During my relationship with Sarah, I saw several of his girlfriends. He never appeared with a woman under twenty years of age. recalls the businessman, who still maintains a close relationship with the Duchess of Fergie.

Open-minded Andrew: Secretly with the Sheiks

He won’t learn and he won’t learn… Prince Andrew caught the eye again when he was vacationing in Bahrain last week, reports The Sun. He flew there on the private jet of an unmed Swiss billioire and was accommodated in a luxurious five-star hotel by taxi. 240 thousand crowns per night!

And what did he really do with the sheikhs? According to rumors, he is trying to gain at least some political influence after the loss of titles and allegedly can become a kind of intermediary between the West and the Persian Gulf in the sphere of resolving the energy crisis.