Although Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles seemed like a couple who proved that age is just a number and even a ten-year difference won’t affect their relationship, unfortutely, after two years of dating, their love ended. “They have other priorities now. Public pressure also gave them a hard time. There were ups and downs in their relationship.” a source close to them told People magazine. “He is still on tour and will now travel overseas again, she is focused on her kids and work in LA. It was a very friendly decision. They are still very close friends.”

After almost two years of marriage, it’s official “they’re taking a break”. The couple met while filming a movie. Everything is fine dear, which Wilde directed and even played a supporting role with Styles playing the male lead. A spark slipped through and it, apparently, was love like a ray, because already two months after meeting the young British singer, the actress broke up with her fiancé Jason Sudeikis (47) – despite the fact that they had been together for nine long years, during which they had a son Otis (8) and a daughter Daisy (6).

Children seem to have been the biggest obstacle in their relationship. “It’s impossible to maintain a relationship when he is going to travel all over the world next year, and she has a job and children here. It’s the right decision for both of us.” – says the source.

But it’s true that a month ago Harry was accused of cheating with charming actress Florence Pugh (26), who is in the film Everything is fine dear she played his wife. They would also be much closer in age. Former lovers denied betrayal as the reason for the breakup, but probably only they know the truth…