“He’s a dangerous crimil, he might have a gun!” – an officer can be heard excitedly talking on the radio on a recording published by the officers. He and his colleagues were heading to the gas station, where on Monday at about five o’clock in the afternoon there should have been a suspect in the murder of a man whose body was found on Black Bridge Street.

When the police parked at the gas station, they immediately knew where to look for a man – there was a delivery car and a taxi where the suspect was supposed to be. “Here! Bring him out!” – the voices of the policemen who arrived at the scene are heard. “POLICE! Raise your hands, lie down on the ground!” – further clear instructions. Officers pointed firearms at a dangerous suspect, who may have been armed, and used groping and grappling to calm him down and handcuff him. “He has blood on his hands! His hands are blood!” shouts another policeman during the arrest.

A 25-year-old man is suspected of killing a 30-year-old man. He was found lying on the ground on Bryksova Street, according to Blesk, the killer probably threw him out of the car there. “The case began around 17:00, when the operator of the 158th line received a notification that a man had been found on the road with no signs of life. Police patrols and a crimil group immediately arrived at the scene. While the police officers of the first line of patrol blocked the access roads, the investigators began to examine the crime scene,” said police spokesman Yan Rybansky. They soon tracked down the suspect, who was detained a few kilometers from the aforementioned gas station. The culprit is subject to severe punishment.