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“Our audience is the world and we wanted that reflected”: ‘Odd World’ makes history as the first Disney movie to feature a young gay couple

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Finished work on Don Hall moana when you start thinking about what you want to tell in your next project disney. “It happened in 2017,” says the director. SensaCinema. “I was thinking about what my next movie would be. And What was on my mind was my children and what kind of world they would inherit and what kind of world I would inherit from my father, who was a farmer.. And I wanted to tell a story about what it means to be a good ancestor.”

All this in Hall’s head, strange worldNew animated movie from Mickey Mouse House. Starring Qui Nguyen behind the camera Seeker Cladeson- jaegerThe greatest of explorers. The hero is not comfortable following the family business and it is the plants that interest him most. Again, The Searcher will have to embark on an adventure with his family to save his home..

About the movie Lightyear Buzz Lightyear of the Pixarmade history by promoting the first lesbian kiss in a company movie. With strange world history is rewritten. first gay young couple in a Disney movie.

Hall and Nguyen were clear from the start that strange world it had to reflect the real world and let its audience see themselves reflected in the story of the movie. “When we started creating these characters in 2018, ethane he was a gay character, that’s part of his identity,” explains Hall.Although we wanted the film to reflect a fantasy film and a fantasy world, it is important for us as directors that the film be as diverse and inclusive as possible and reflect our world.what we see outside our window every day, and what we see every day when we go to work.”

As he added:

Our audience is the world and we wanted everyone to be able to see themselves reflected in the story and the movie.


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characters strange world They enter an extremely strange universe filled with incredible creatures. “I love adventure stories, and especially adventure stories where a group of explorers discover a hidden world and strange creatures,” explains Hall.

You could see a piece of this world in the trailer -in these lines- and the directors set a set of rules while setting it up. “It was a lot of fun doing this. The page was blank. We had rules we put in place”, Nguyen points out. For example, the creatures living here have no faces, and the team needed to create non-speaking beings. “We had to rely on the magic of Disney Animation, which has been so successful in the past,” says the assistant director.

Another rule was about colors: “Also We refer to blue, green and brown tones. We made them stay away from the strange world.. New color combinations were made but we also allowed a kind of tension to build up. Understanding that we are in different places but at the same time the color fades and becomes unsaturated, creating dramatic tension. we did so many different things strange worldbut it was all very, very fun.”

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The hardest part of making a movie like this, with unique settings so different from anything seen in Disney’s past, was building the strange world the heroes were exploring. Specifically, Nguyen likens this movie to: Raya and the last dragonthat both he and Hall are working on:

You’re making a movie like ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ and you know how a tree, a plant, everything is created here. Everything. We don’t have a language for this and anything could steal your attention so the scenes had to be preserved.

How did Nguyen and Hall go about preserving some scenes? Asking to remove certain creatures or items from the aircraft. “Like: “I know the plant is very well designed, but since this plant is so interesting, can we take it out of the shot just because I’m not looking at Legend anymore? So it was a constant challenge.‘ says Nguyen.


disney studios

If there’s one thing Disney really knows how to do, it’s creating adorable characters and creatures that become instant crowd favorites. Inside strange world there are two examples: myth Y warning. The first is the dog of the Clade family. “He’s happy and never afraid. No sense of survival. He’s just a stupid happy dog.”Highlights Hall of Legend.

As for Splat, it’s a creature from the strange world the heroes have discovered, and it’s like a piece of blue jelly glued to the wall. “What we love about Splat is that when we meet him, he has a hidden agenda. He’s doing his job as a member of this place.”says Hall. “Splat can be a little aggressive at times, but when he goes against Ethan’s empathy, he changes his perception and becomes our character’s defender.”

Legend, Splat and Clade embark on an incredible adventure. 25 Novemberthat day strange world hits the theaters. Don’t miss the trailer on these lines.

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