To distance himself from the series “Hanh Monta’s alter ego”., which earned a solid amount in its time, took a bold step. She cut her hair short, stripped ked, and began performing under her real me, Miley Cyrus. Jher music video for the first single Wrecking ballwhere she swings completely ked on a wrecking ball, outraged the world.

Since then, the singer has had a lot of fun, and her provocations often went beyond taste. Everywhere she could, she constantly twisted her ass, exposed her breasts, spread her legs in tight places, stuck out her tongue and pretended to masturbate at her concerts.

She dated both men and women, threw wild parties, and even teased the 2013 MTV Awards when she interacted with singer Robin Thicke and twerked. She really went through a lot as a teeger. But in recent years, she has calmed down and is trying to prove her talent even without scandals.