While in the UK, Prince Harry with wife Meghan Markle not very popular, they are loved in the USA. This is evidenced, for example, by the fact that they were nomited for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award, ostensibly because of their “willingness to speak up and change the rrative of racial justice”. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the Pulse of Hope Gala in New York where they will be one of this year’s honorees on 6 December.

The Robert F. Kennedy Award ( 42) has been awarded since 1984 in memory of former President John F. Kennedy’s younger brother. ( 46) and is awarded to people who have made a significant contribution to the development of human rights. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan should receive this award for opposing the racist behavior of members of the royal family during their stay. And this, of course, caused a heated discussion.

One well-known person who criticizes this decision is British jourlist Piers Morgan (57). He put it on show Fox and friends it is clear that, according to him, the couple definitely does not deserve an award. “This is disgusting and a disgrace to Kerry Kennedy. (daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, editor’s note) for promoting the farce that Meghan and Harry are human rights heroes of every kind. They are not. And it is difficult to imagine two less heroic public figures in modern history. quoted by Newsweek.

He described the famous couple as A couple of greedy little rascals who gave up their royal duties, and in Harry’s case, their country, without giving up their titles to make hundreds of millions. They preach equality and poverty from their $310 million California headquarters, they preach the carbon footprint of private jets, they preach privacy in self-promotiol interviews and podcasts, they preach peace and unity by constantly attacking their family members in public. ” Morgan continued.

“Meghan Markle was an ordiry actress who married a member of the royal family and took our beloved prince to the USA. Now he spends all his time attacking the morchy. I’m sorry, but it’s embarrassing for the two of them to give this prestigious award.” added a well-known jourlist. After all, only Meghan spoke about racism in the royal family in a shocking interview with Oprah Winfrey. (68). But most of her statements made during the interview were interpreted by some as blatant lies …