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Dave Bautista admits shirtless scenes are a reason to say goodbye to Marvel

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Dave Bautista will bid farewell to Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. the reality of having to go shirtless.

I’m 54 when Guardians 3 comes out and it’s getting harder and harder for me to be shirtless. The trip has come full circle and I’m ready to step aside and finish.

Kidding aside, the actor knows he can’t play Drax forever and The end of the Guardians trilogy seems like a good time to say goodbye. In addition, we must add one more factor, which is that director James Gunn will end his adventure in The House of Ideas. “I thought everybody assumed that’s how it worked. We’re working on trilogies, and James Gunn has already announced that this is his last movie. When James is done, I’ll finish it.”

The relationship between the actor and the director is very close. After Gunn was controversially dismissed by Disney as a result of some tweets containing politically incorrect messages, Bautista was the first to speak up to support him and assured him that he would leave. guardians 3 If only they hadn’t used Gunn’s script. “No one is defending his tweets, but this has been a campaign to defame a good man,” he said. declaration, “If Marvel doesn’t use the script, then I’m going to ask them to kick me out of my contract, kick me out, or hire another player for me. I would have humiliated James if I didn’t.”

The truth is that Bautista is building a solid filmography outside of Marvel. In recent years he has participated in Blade Runner 2049 and the recently released Army of the Dead. Already on the horizon is the premiere of Dune, which he describes as “beautiful”, and he’s signed to Daggers in the Back 2. It could be because of his busy schedule.

Similar Guardians of the Galaxy 3is expected to be the endpoint for many characters. It will be very interesting to meet them again in this new installment, as they are now accompanied by Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and a new Gamora (Zoe Saldana) among them, who lives in their universe, died in Avengers: Infinity. War.

While waiting for its premiere on May 5, 2023, Remember, this is November 25 The Christmas special Guardians of the Galaxy: Happy Holidays begins on Disney+, where they will do everything possible to lift the spirits of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) after the death of his Gamora. To the level of kidnapping Kevin Bacon himself.

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