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This is how Tim Burton’s Netflix series ends on Wednesday

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The series can be watched on the Netflix streaming platform since yesterday. WednesdayIt focuses on Wednesday Addams, directed by Tim Burton and played by Jenna Ortega. The 8-episode series, which is the first season of the series created by Al Gough and Miles Millar, is on the air in full.

Don’t keep reading the news If you don’t want to read spoilers Wednesday.

Despite the late renewal, the first season of the series ended with some surprises that seemed like the perfect premise for the other dark adventures of the Addams house young teen.
But How does the first season end? Your show that saw the return of Christina Ricci?

In the final episode, “Sad as Hell”, Wednesday finally finds a clue after researching all eight episodes, and the protagonist realizes that Tyler (Hunter Doohan) is responsible for a series of injuries on campus as the two kiss. Wednesday realizes that Tyler is a ‘hyde’, a monster who suddenly transforms without the owner’s knowledge, and she tells him that he probably inherited the disease from his mother. But Tyler admits he’s starting to remember what he’s done. Finally, Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) reveals that he was attacked by a woman in red shoes. The mastermind behind all this could only be Miss Thornill, played by Christina Ricci.

As in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, she is a female character who has the power to sneak in on the plot twists: Miss Thornhill controls Tyler by forcing her to follow her orders. a sweet image teacher and mentor. Ms Thornhill, a big fan of the work of Joseph Crackstone, who started a violent program against marginalized people, acted as an ally on Wednesday to carry out her plan. Unsuccessful attempt.

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