Duke of York, Prince Andrew, there was never a shortage of scandals in his life. Whether it’s marriage to Sarah Fergusson (63), which ended in a scandal when her feet were licked by a Texas millioire, or the ambiguous friendship between him and convicted pedophile and millioire Jeffrey Epstein..

Epstein became famous for creating sex slaves from underage children, whom he “borrowed” to his friends and colleagues. Although the millioire committed suicide and the identities of these people remained hidden, the photo of Prince Andrew in an embrace with one of Epstein’s favorite victims, Victoria, still remained in the world.

The British royal family is trying and trying to sweep everything related to this scandal under the carpet, but until now the photo is walking around the Internet and few doubt that Prince Andrew would be so innocent of it.

But if there was a tendency on the part of the royal family to hush up the whole scandal, then on the part of other artists, the effort to draw attention to everything began to grow, often in the loudest way.

The musical “Prince Andrei” reflects the life of Andrei and spares nothing to him, but simply packs all the sarcasm into cheerful musical tones. The film’s title ironically refers to the famous light-hearted TV series. High School Musical (High School Music School), which sounds very similar to Muzikál in the origil. Prince Andrew (Prince Andrew: The Musical).

Filming is still ongoing, but the creators promised that viewers will soon see on TV screens in Britain.