Pražská teplárenská has been fixing a heat pipe problem since about 03:00 today. “A pipe burst and had to close those areas that are now without supplies,”, said Pavel Madzhar, head of the heat sales department of Prazhska Teplorenska, in the morning. The company then specified on the website that the malfunction occurred on pipes on Zalesi Street in Krce and Moldavska Street in Vrsovice.

In the morning when things were at their worst according to Pshenichny, about 20,000 Prague households have no heat supply.. But their number quickly decreased, as the technicians maged to launch backup sources. Already in the morning, the number of households without heat decreased to about 10,000, as reported by the Hungarian around 08:30.

Thanks to reserve sources, it was first possible to restore supplies in the Southern City, Lhotka and Modřany, and later also in Krča, Lhotka, Libuš and Kamyk. Around 16:00, the rest of the residential complex Jižní Město was connected to the heat. About 1,400 customers in Vrsovice waited the longest for the restoration of supplies, which were connected around 18:00.

According to a spokesman for Pražská teplárenská, repairs to the broken pipe could take until Friday. The company supplies heat to around 230,000 households in Prague.

Heat for Prague is produced at the Melnik power plant, which is operated by ČEZ. “The heat pipe from Melnik is in order,” ČEZ spokesman Ladislav Krzyž told CTK on Thursday morning.

The Prague Teplorensk dispatcher reported in the morning that a partial accident had affected the areas of Jizhni Mesto, Kosik, Chodov, Opatov, Modrany, Kamyk, Novodvorska, Gaia, Lhotka, the Krch microdistrict and Vinohradska, Ruska, Vrsovitska and Bogdalce streets. According to Pshenichny, the shutdown affected apartments and administrative buildings, for example, the Thomayer hospital in Krce was not affected, since it has its own heat source.

Part of Prague without heat. (November 24, 2022)
Author: Pražská teplárenská