Actress Goldie Hawn, who has been living with her partner Kurt Russell (71) since 1983, is unfortutely one of those women who can’t come to terms with her aging. Like Meg Ryan, for example. (61), today even Goldie is practically not similar. This is her beauty – and instead of the tural look of a pensioner, and this is exactly the age in which the actress is now, her face looks like a warning against the excessive care of aesthetic medicine.

To some, Goldie’s current appearance may remind you of the fil scene of the film. She’s going to die, where the mother of the charming Kate Hudson (43) portrayed an ageless but gradually decaying woman who helped herself to her ideal appearance with the help of a magical elixir. It also matters a lot to Goldie whether she is caught by the paparazzi alone or in style and perfect makeup on the red carpet. The attractive blonde with the widest smile is still there.

Take a look at our gallery, where we recalled not only her most famous roles, but also pictures from her youth and from the present. By the way, did you know that as a child she took ballet and tap dancing lessons, and later began acting in TV shows, working as a model? That she was married twice and divorced twice before she met her current partner, with whom she has been living “by the dog book” for 39 years? And that, in addition to Kate, who inherited the beauty and acting talent of her mother, she has two more sons, Oliver Hudson (46) and Wyatt Russell (36), who are drawn to the film?