Armie Hammer’s career was at its peak not so long ago. The charismatic actor abounded not only with charm, but also with physical beauty, from which many knees trembled. Although his life of women, fabulous roles and incredible wealth would be the envy of many, he ruined his own life and career.

The actor has received many awards around the world, the romantic film brought him the greatest fame. Tell me your mewhere actor star Timothée Chalamet shone with him.

ARMY found dozens of partners in his life who all confirmed that he had abused them and repeatedly told them about his cannibal fantasies. He even bit deeply one, carved his initial on the intimate places of the other and licked the blood.

He also sent messages to his girlfriends confessing to fantasies that he wanted to cut off a limb as a keepsake or simply eat them whole.

Recently released documentary Hammer House however, he found that in this case, not only genes are responsible for the problem, but also upbringing. Armie grew up in a family that was connected to the KGB, and all the male members had a reputation for torturing and humiliating women for generations, with assaults, glass cages, gunshots, rapes and other abomitions. Thanks to incredible influence and money, all these cases never came to light. Although the history of these crimes goes back to Armi Hammar’s great-grandfather, there were few witnesses willing to testify about drugs and sex orgies, which often cost lives.

And in such an environment, little Army grew up day by day.

Unfortutely, Hammer’s father had recently passed away, and his will did not mention the me of Armie, the prince who was to inherit the entire oil empire. After a life of luxury, the former actor now earns a living as a simple hotel worker in the Cayman Islands, where he grew a beard, lost weight and generally lost weight. He traded his smart, tailored suits for T-shirts, jeans, and retirement slippers.

His legendary beauty seems to have gone with his acting career.