A client of the house, Ms. K, died in 2020 by drowning in a bathtub. The weekly Respekt in its article drew attention to the case, Blesk.cz investigated what exactly happened. According to the director of the shelter, Lenka Kokhoutova, these were unlawful actions of the staff. Two employees had to look after a mentally retarded woman while bathing. It is said that the home practice is that a very small amount of water is poured into the bath to avoid danger, and then the customers are left alone in seclusion, with staff checking them at least every five minutes.

However, on the fateful day, apparently through negligence, the bathtub was completely filled with water. instead of checking the client, the employees went on a break, – described Bleska Kokhutova. Meanwhile, a disabled woman drowned in the bathtub. The coroner subsequently arrived at the scene and contacted the police in connection with the suspicious death.

“On the day this event occurred, we immediately informed the director of the relevant social department of the Prague City Hall by phone and in writing and continue to provide ongoing reports. The last time we responded to a request from the social department in October was that we have no additiol information on this issue,” Kohutova said, adding that they openly dealt with the entire situation in the organization and cooperated with the police as much as possible.

The employees were fired immediately. “The mentioned employees no longer work for Dom Sulická, working procedures and dealing with risk are considered. Unfortutely, there was a failure due to human error.non-compliance with the interl regulations and work order, which are otherwise established correctly,” the director of the house said.

“The Department of Social Affairs of the Municipality of Prague received on November 7, 2020 from the director of the Sulica House for People with Disabilities, which is a charity organization of the mayor of Prague, reporting an emergency incident related to the drowning of a client of the aforementioned institution. The municipality regularly monitors the development of the case, and if the investigation reveals any shortcomings in the working procedures, we are ready to elimite these shortcomings.in all directions in all residential social care institutions that Prague establishes,” Wit Hofman, a representative of the Prague municipality, told Blesk.

The police closed the case

However, the death of a woman, apparently, will go unpunished under the law. The police investigated the case, but eventually closed it. “The facts substantiating the initiation of a crimil case could not be established”, said police spokesman Jan Danek for Blesk.cz. “This is a very painful event, many of us will live with it for the rest of our lives and we will always ask ourselves what we could do better,” the director added, adding that the house is also in constant communication with the family of the deceased, who apologized for all.