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Record of Ragnarok: Here are all the conflicts of season 2


The tournament that will determine the fate of humanity is about to start again. Ragnarok has begun, the final stage that will pit men and gods against each other: if the first one wins, then they will be saved, in case of the second one’s victory all humans will be killed. This relentless fighting hero Record of Ragnarok.

The review of the first season on Netflix underlined the quality of the product, with many conflicts that will now recur thanks to the second season of Record of Ragnarok, which Netflix has been planning for some time. Obviously, there will no longer be the six fighters who appeared in the first duels: Li Bu, Thor, Zeus, Adam, Poseidon and Sasaki Kojiro are doomed to go down in history. Now it’s the turn of new fighters on both sides. Here you are What are the new duelists in Record of Ragnarok 2? and conflicts:

  • Jack the Ripper vs. Hercules;
  • Raiden Tameemon vs. Shiva;
  • Buddha vs. Bishamonten.

The second season of Record of Ragnarok has revealed itself with a new trailer revealing more episodes than ever before, and thus even more action and gore in the next round of duels that will determine humanity’s fate. Appointment for new episodes in January Netflix.

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