Although it wasn’t even the first Advent and the Christmas markets hadn’t even started yet, there are those who can’t wait for Christmas. And in their zeal they were already decorating the Christmas tree! Among such enthusiasts, for example, the Slovak professiol celebrity Zuza Plachkova.who calls herself Queen as an influencer. As soon as she, her husband René (33) and son Dion (2 months) returned from their first holiday together in Dubai, they immediately got into the Christmas spirit.

At home, they already have not only Christmas decorations, but above all a Christmas tree, which, judging by the caption to the photo on the social network “Dion tree is beautiful” is in the children’s room. And it is so decorated that you will look in vain for a free place on it. It has large decorations, small gifts, flowers called poinsettias, giant bows, candy canes… plus teddy bears of various sizes. All this in the traditiol white and red combition.

However, what is certain is that such an overpaid tree has something to look at – and you can look at it in our gallery. However, as they say, a thousand people, a thousand tastes, and there will definitely be those who will appreciate this kitsch. And there is no doubt that the first Christmas for a little boy will be absolutely magical. And this despite the fact that until recently there was a threat that his parents would end up in prison.

In September 2021, an ambulance broke into their house and arrested several people, seized nine kilograms of methamphetamine, from which at least 90,000 doses of the drug could be made, illegally stored weapons, ammunition, cigarettes, and a suspiciously large amount of cash. However, after several days of detention, the “Queen” and her husband were released – and eventually acquitted.