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Green Lantern, good news for the future in the DCU from James Gunn?

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on Thanksgiving James Gunn tweeted with some members of the Justice League. gathered at a table full of delicious food. A fan would notice absence of Green Lantern (Green Lantern) and he would pull out a ‘scoop’ that he was determined to. There is Gunn but quickly rejected this theory.

There is no Green Lantern in this image, so I can definitely say that neither Gunn nor Saffron (DCU’s new leaders) Have there are no plans to add this character to the DCU. This is a The scoop I’m 100% sure about“, said one fan in a tweet in response to the image (see below) shared by Gunn last November 24, 2022. But let’s see it together.In response to DC co-CEO:

Probably this is not a good scoop! happy thanksgiving‘ said Gunn. Actually, the table isn’t exactly ‘framed’, and there is also a character, showing us the scene through his eyes. Have a Green Lantern? Or fan theory it could be honest?

There is currently no response as Gunn’s initial DCU plans do not include any insight into the character in question. However, Gunn’s response in the aforementioned tweet appears to be one. More security in the HBO series on Green Lanternproject that didn’t fall victim to many interruption to DC products.

Source: Every Eye

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