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Getting Married: Why is Jenna Ortega’s character smiling only in THIS scene?


You know, Wednesday probably not the most cheerful and smiling character. However, in the penultimate chapter Wednesday’s first season is Netflix’s brand new Tim Burton seriesThere is a very small but essential moment when he smiles with full teeth, and it’s not a coincidence. do it right in the moment there.

from now on it will be Spoilers from season 1 for Tim Burton’s Wednesdaythen continue reading at your own risk

after a series sipped little smiles in the first seasonLike when Wednesday enjoys the spooky future situations that will be presented to him at Nevermore Academy, when he releases piranhas into the pool to take revenge on his brother’s bullies, or when there is a blood-like red liquid during the Rave’N Dance. sprayed on students. Wednesday’s big and wide smile has finally arrived.

Actually in the seventh episode of the series Uncle Fester is back (played by Fred Armisen). When the character arrives at Nevermore Academy, Wednesday’s reaction is one of the most beautiful and, above all, the most meaningful: that sincere and characterful and family-specific sadistic evil smile, A deep love and an unbreakable bond between uncle and niece. After reuniting with Wednesday, Fester will assist him in his research. Therefore, it is probably great collaboration It returns in a possible second season on Wednesday.

Uncle Fester isn’t the only reappearance in the series. There is even a return of Christina Ricci on Wednesday. The iconic Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family (1991).

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