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Wednesday, GOT’s Gwendoline Christie: ‘I feel beautiful on screen for the first time’

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It cannot be said that Gwendoline Christie was chosen for the female roles, despite the beautiful woman who appeared on various red carpets. You also want height, as Brienne of Tarth is described as a “monster” in Game of Thrones. But Wednesday It made her feel beautiful for the first time.

spin-off series so far Addams family started on the screens Netflix. Born from the mind of Tim Burton, the highly anticipated series focuses on the rising star and Wednesday Addams character. Jenna Ortega She is the one who replaced the historical Christina Ricci in the role. We thought for a moment that the actress in the movies would play Uncle Fester, but with the character coming in the last few episodes, the opposite became clear.

A wonderful understanding was immediately formed between the young hero and Uncle Fester, who in the movies pull the strings of the very close relationship that unites them, while also showing a touching moment for Ortega’s character. But they are not what we focus on today. when it comes to character Director Weemsthe first to hear the interpreter, Gwendoline ChristieIt’s really beautiful on screen, albeit just from an aesthetic point of view. Here are the words the actor actually said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

For the first time I feel beautiful on the screen. It was an opportunity to create and live in that impenetrable, imperious but one of a kind character. with that classic idea of ​​femininityHowever, in a previous interview, he had talked about his character. Brienne of Tarth In Game of Thrones: “It felt like we had never seen a woman like this before on television or in entertainment. What I loved about Brienne was that she was able to overcome her circumstances and triumph. The idea of ​​the victory of that marginalized person was magnificent“.

On the other hand, even his character my phase in the sequel trilogy Star warsAlthough it is always covered, it cannot be said that it is the carrier of femininity. Instead, we’ll see how that turns out in the second season of Severance, which she recently starred in.

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