She makes a living from comedies, but she has the body of a model! Comedian Francine Lewis, 47, a tive of Blackpool, England, traveled to Dubai to celebrate her birthday. After all, the weather there now (and not only now …) is much better than in rainy London. The beauty who became famous in 2013 thanks to her participation in the talent show Brits have talentthere she did not forget to visit the local beach.

And this, of course, pleased her male fans. For sunbathing, she donned a mint green bikini that highlighted her incredible figure. Although Francine is slowly but surely approaching her fifties, an age that every woman subconsciously dreads, she is definitely not an old woman! In a two-piece swimsuit, her silicone bust stood out, which a few years ago added extra wrinkles to her.

She had silicone inserted into her body in 2003 after weaning her first child, daughter Brooke (20), and her breasts were said to have been enlarged. “flabby and deflated”. She gave herself into the hands of a plastic surgeon who also made busts for professiol celebrity Katie Price (44), but a few years later one of her silicones broke and Francine developed an abscess. The unbearable pain in her left breast brought her to the hospital.

“Suddenly my breasts were so swollen that I looked deformed, as if I had a third breast. It was very, very scary.” she is quoted by UK Daily. Then the operation to replace the implants became more complicated and took three hours, twice as long as origilly planned. Later, she regretted that if she had known what problems her desire to have large and firm breasts would cause, she would never have had plastic surgery …