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Rebel Moon has a snowy setting: a photo of Zack Snyder from the set of the blockbuster movie!


It’s almost time for the shooting to be over. Rebel Moon, the new sci-fi blockbuster movie that Netflix is ​​probably planning to launch a franchise. Only two days until the final shoot: director Zack Snyder announces with a still image from the set that predicts snowy environments for his movie “Between Star Wars and Akira Kurosawa.”

You got it right. These are the two references Snyder has questioned for his new film project in development. Therefore, the aim is to great sci-fi intellectual property already conceived as a movie franchisebut it will also remind of the great cinema of eastern masters like Akira Kurosawa. In short, The expectations created by Snyder are too highBut the fear of not being able to satisfy them is the same.

Netflix investing in this project more than ever before. He had a giant spaceship built in the studio for Rebel Moon, and while the first movie is far from hitting the platform, the sequel to Rebel Moon has already been confirmed. While there is still a wait for the first one, that wait has been shortened a bit when Zack Snyder used his social media channels to announce that filming would be ending soon. just two more days of production in front of him.

Frankly, let’s imagine then that, given the amount of special effects, we’re going into a long post-production phase. But even then, Snyder seems to have gone a long way in claiming one. Huge amount of physical sets, not to overdo it in terms of CGI. We did this with the spaceship mentioned, and now we do it with a photograph depicting it. snowy setpossibly one of many orbital systems that will make up this new sci-fi and intergalactic universe.

Find the photo from the set just below the article. What do you think? Any more expectations or fears about this project?

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