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Paso Adelante returns with his UPA Next reenactment: The trailer also features old characters!

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many of you will remember Paso Adelante, Spanish TV series Created by Daniel Écija, Ernesto Pozuelo and Pilar Nadal, the film was released in Italy between 2004 and 2006. Yes, it’s coming back.

Indeed, it has already arrived. As a matter of fact, the first episode of the series was broadcast on the Spanish broadcasting platform Atresmedia Plus on 25 December. New revival season called UPA Next (Next One Pass Adelante).

Here is the summary of the series shared with the trailer you can recover in the news: “It’s been over 15 years and Robert (played by Miguel Ángel Muñoz, star of the original series) returns from America with the idea of ​​making a big new musical. Together with Silvia and Lola, they will begin their school entrance exams, which will be attended by a new pool of students, including dancers, singers and composers who will try to take part in the show.”

As with the original series, the plot focuses on the stories of some of the children who go to the most famous and important meetings. Dance and acting school in Madrid, Carmen Arranz. Original players will also return Monica Cruz (Pénelope Cruz’s sister) e Beatriz LuengoAmong the new faces we will see Monica Mara, Marc Betriu, Quique González And many others. We do not yet know when and where it will be made available in Italy.

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Source: Every Eye

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