There is no such thing as healthy sugar

You’ve probably already heard that brown sugar is “healthier” than white sugar because it contains health-promoting substances, especially calcium, magnesium, or iron. However, this is a common myth. The mineral content, which is why brown sugar is recommended as a “healthy” sugar, is nutritiolly negligible. Brown sugar has the same energy value as white sugar.

Brown vs. White

The tural color of sugar is not white, it is achieved through a technological process – refining. Among other things, it also removes impurities from the sugar that enter the raw sugar from the field. Essentially, we are talking about bleaching, removing minerals. So not only beet sugar, but also cane sugar can be white. And in the same way, not only cane sugar, but also beet sugar can be brown.

Pesticide Cocktail

Detox and weight loss teas are supposed to cleanse the body or help you lose weight. In addition to the therapeutic effect, in this tea you can brew a cocktail of pesticides, including those that the European Union prohibits the use of, but “allows” to drink. It does not take into account the fact that, despite an ever-expanding list of banned active substances against plant pests, residues (residues) of banned pesticides reach consumers in herbs grown outside the EU.

The good news is that the amount of such pesticides was below the limit and was not significant in terms of health and quantity consumed. However, the less pesticides in the product, the better. Only one product from this test did without it.

Stick to the recommendations

Herbal teas, for example, for detoxification and weight loss, are usually not recommended for a long time. Herb mixtures may contain unwanted substances that occur turally in some of the herbs used.

These are the so-called pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which are compounds that protect plants from herbivores. High doses of these substances can lead to acute liver damage, so the limit of the amount of these compounds is controlled and none of the tested teas exceeded it. However, it is important to adhere to the recommendation (how many cups of tea is safe to drink per day) written on the packaging, and this is indicated by all manufacturers.

Don’t fall for fashion trends

Buying protein bars just because they are “in style” is the wrong approach. Everyone should know what such a bar can give them and whether they really need to use it to increase their protein content. We certainly do not suffer from a lack of them in a regular, healthy, balanced diet. In addition, with big money you often buy something that you would catch up with a glass of milk or an egg. And some bars may contain very little sugar.

There is no broth like broth

You can buy broth labeled broth that can be used to make honest poultry broth, but glutamate cubed with palm oil is more common. Such a broth does not contain high-quality, high-grade proteins, which are added to traditiol meat broth when cooking meat. These broths based on salt, palm oil and glutamate will definitely not replace a quality broth.

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