“It is with a heavy heart that I write these few lines. It was 12 wonderful years that we spent together. I looked forward to every moment of our relationship. I have never laughed more than with you. Our story was beautiful and I really liked it. However, today we both decided to go our separate ways. Love never fades! You gave me the most beautiful treasure – our Ni. You will forever be my treasure— wrote the model in stories in Instagram. She added a black and white photo when they said YES! Her husband also shared the same announcement on his profile.

From that moment on, they both fell silent. The only one who commented on the shocking statement is the mager of the model, Miroslav Shimonich.

“Yes, it’s true. What’s the reason? After all, Adria wrote it,” Simonich told Sarm.pluska.sk and added: “Divorce is never sudden, but they don’t get divorced, they break up and remain very good friends, so there’s nothing to look for.” said the mager.

He even confirmed that Sklerzhikova does not move to another country from her husband. “They will still be in Morocco. Divorce is not on the table, only separation for now,”, – says Shimonich, saying that both parents will always be with her beloved daughter Ni, and both will take care of her.

In Marrakesh, the couple built a five-star complex, which they say they want to expand with additiol space.