Harry in his book Spare, which idvertently went on sale in Spain five days before the official release date of January 10, shows where everything is. He spares no king, no queen, no brother, no daughter-in-law, and even described losing his temper with an old woman in a field behind a pub.

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In addition, he also spoke about an unpleasant experience he had in 2011. Then, as part of a charity project, the prince took part in a 320-kilometer march to the North Pole, accompanied by several soldiers wounded in Afghanistan. Thanks to them, they maged to raise 2 million pounds sterling, that is, almost 55 million crowns, for charitable purposes during the 13-day tour.

But a good deed could not do without the notorious punishment. Harry got frostbite on his face, ears and even his penis. Then, just a few weeks later, on April 29, he stood next to his brother William. at the wedding, he was still worried about the trauma of the private parts of the body.

“While the ears and cheeks have already healed, the penis has not yet healed. That was the biggest problem.” described. In the end, he had to see a doctor about his genitals, but everything worked out.

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The prince also described how his father was Karel III. (74) sympathetically asked about frozen faces and ears. “It was an attempt not to share too much information and tell him about my equally sensitive penis.” revealed Harry, who also openly admitted that he had been circumcised. At the same time, the media has erroneously reported in the past that a circumcised person should not be circumcised.

“Like everyone says, mom said no, and while it’s true that you’re much more likely to get frostbite if you’re not circumcised, these stories are not true. I was circumcised as an infant.” Harry stated.